Online Art Project

In March 2021, we secured funding to run online groups for adults with learning disabilities and autism who live in Newham. We wanted to provide space for people to have fun and meet new friends during lockdown.

We ran a Dance & Exercise Group, Art & Craft Group and a support group for autistic adults called Neurodiversity.

We want to say a huge thank you to our group facilitators:

Professional dance teacher Laura Heywood, who has lots of experience in teaching people with learning disabilities, she made our classes person centered, fun and accessible for everyone. 

Professional art teacher and one of our directors Carys Orphan, who provided a range of creative activities each week in our Art & Craft group. Find out more about Carys at our ‘about us’ ‘board of directors’ section here.

Our co-managing director Alison Orphan, who led on our Neurodiversity support group. Find out more about Alison at our ‘about us’ ‘board of directors’ section here.

Find out more about Laura and her work here:

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